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Leadership Team / Project Reference Group

To progress the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan (BBTCMP) after it's adoption, Council has resolved to establish a committed leadership team in the form of a Project Reference Group (PRG) for a period of 12 months, subject to review and extension by Council.
The team will:
    • provide advice and direction on the delivery of the BBTCMP actions;
    • identify and actively facilitate, where appropriate, opportunities for partnerships and community collaboration;
    • provide oversight on the timely delivery of actions that are responsive to community needs, acknowledging that the actions of the BBTCMP are flexible and adaptable.

At the 15 December 2016 meeting, Council selected the following 22 community members for the leadership team.

      • Helen Buckley
      • Garry Chigwidden
      • Anne Leitch 
      • Gail Fuller
      • Byron Rogers
      • Fleur Verschure
      • Meredith Wray
      • Vicki Henricks
      • Mono Stewart 
      • David Michie
      • Peggy O'Neill 
  • Troy Eady
  • Greg Meek
  • Chris Hanley
  • Kirra Pendergast
  • Dan Schreiber
  • Donald Maughan
  • Graham Dunn
  • Mary Gardner
  • Geoff Bensley
  • Tony Gembeck
  • Charlie Wilson

Leadership Team Meetings