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Heritage in Byron Shire

Byron Shire is one of the most desirable residential and tourist locations in New South Wales, as much for its unique natural environment as for its lifestyle and climate attractions. The form of the built environment and its relationship to the natural environment will be a crucial factor in determining the future development of the Shire, particularly in ensuring its heritage values are protected.

Any development near heritage places will need to be in harmony with the surroundings, both natural and constructed, and enhance the physical context valued by the community and by the Shire's increasing number of visitors.

Between 2004 and 2006, Council undertook a Community-Based Heritage Study that assessed and recommended places for inclusion on the schedule of places of local heritage significance in the Byron Shire Local Environment Plan, and made recommendations for the ongoing management and protection of the Shire’s heritage places.

The community-based study methodology was chosen because it ensures that the community is not only consulted about its heritage, but also that it is actively involved in researching and nominating items and places of heritage significance, and in considering recommendations for their management and promotion.

The Community Based Heritage Study was adopted by Council on 31 July 2008. Council included the study's heritage items and conservation areas in the process of developing Byron LEP 2014.  

If you would like advice on a heritage property or its redevelopment, please contact Council on 02 6626 7062.