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Parking and traffic

A detailed outline is to be provided of the number and size of the production vehicles, parking, and any use of heavy equipment. 

If the filming is to be conducted on a Council road, specific details of filming times and duration of any hold and release, and/or use of RTA authorised traffic control officers is to be submitted to Council in a traffic control plan.

If a road closure is required or the filming is in an area which normally has high traffic volumes, the filmmaker may also need to consult with Police, RTA and the local community.

Where road closure is required, the closure will need to be advertised in the local newspaper a week before the proposed time.  Application for extended road closures may be referred to the Traffic Committee, and if so, the applicant must provide sufficient time for the application to be considered by the Committee.

If the applicant seeks vehicle access to a beach, the number and activities need to be included in the application.  If the application is approved, a separate beach vehicle permit and fee for access will be issued.

There is paid parking in Byron Bay for non-residents. Parking permits in relation to the filming production may be requested.