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Filmmakers responsibilities

The Local Government Filming Protocol outlines some filmmakers’ responsibilities:

  • Comply with the Code of Conduct for Location Filming (an Appendix attached to the Local Government Filming Protocol)
  • Meet special conditions of approval or of any other relevant legislation including SEPP4, children employment legislation, occupational health and safety laws, normal traffic laws, management of noise, air or water pollution. The Protocol provides a comprehensive list of considerations.
  • Local community notification with letters delivered with enough lead time for people to make further inquiries. The notification should outline the details of the shoot and the production should have a strategy for managing community concerns.
  • Minimise impact, inconvenience or disadvantage to businesses, residents and the general community.
  • Provide access to utilities (electricity, water phone lines and gas crew) and emergency vehicles at all times
  • Clearly identify crew and respond to reasonable inquiries from the public about the filming.
  • Keep a copy of all permits for filming on location
  • Notify of any changes
  • Site restoration and report any damage to site as soon as possible.