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Frequently Asked Questions - how much is it and how does it work?

E-permits exemptions apply to (and are recognised by) the licence plate of a registered vehicle - regardless of which state/territory the vehicle is registered in.

E-permits are available per vehicle for the following categories:

  • $50 per year per vehicle for any Shire Resident/Ratepayer.
  • $100 per year per vehicle for a Worker/Volunteer whose fixed place of employment or volunteer work is within the Pay Parking areas, but are not eligible for the Shire Resident/Ratepayer exemption.
  • FREE if you are a Byron Shire Resident and hold a valid Centrelink issued Pensioner Card (blue).
  • FREE if you have a Mobility Parking Permit.

As for paying for your E-permit, this can be done as a one-off, each year in full.  Each motor vehicle in eligible households will be able to apply for an exemption at $50 or $100 per year per vehicle.