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Expressions of Interest

Please note: The canvassing of Councillors or Council staff in relation to requests for expressions of interest may result in automatic disqualification.

Please read the following Council policies:

Community Members Wanted - Mullumbimby Hospital Site Project Reference Group

Would you like to contribute to the future use of the Mullumbimby Hospital Site?

Council has resolved to establish the Mullumbimby Hospital Site Project Reference Group, which will include a maximum of 18 members, comprised of: 

  • Ten to twelve relevant stakeholder groups
  • Three to five community members (individuals)
  • Three Councillors 

The PRG will work together with Council staff, for a period of 12 months, subject to review and extension by Council. 

The PRG’s purpose is to propose and consider potential uses for the best outcome from the future use of the site for Byron Shire Council, the Brunswick Valley community and its other stakeholders. 

Terms and conditions for the PRG, including its purpose and objectives, can be found in the draft Constitution on Council’s website at the following link:

Community members wishing to contribute to this process are encouraged to apply as below. Stakeholder groups will be identified through a separate process.

Individuals must demonstrate the following: 

1)     a direct interest and connection to the Brunswick Valley community, and either: 

        a) involvement in the Mullumbimby Hospital acquisition process;

        b) experience in community services or groups; or,

        c) direct commercial business experience and skills.

2)     strong communication and interpersonal skills

3)     ability to work in a group environment for shared decision making supporting the principles             and objectives of the PRG for the benefit of the whole community

4)     capacity or willingness to access and utilise web based communications

5)     availability and commitment for the full duration of the process

All applications for nomination must be submitted on an approved nomination form. 

Nomination forms are available on Council’s website or contact Council to make alternate arrangements for acquiring a nomination form.

Nominations close:                24 August 2017

Enquiries:                            David Royston-Jennings

                                          Telephone: 02 6626 7171


Expressions of interest close: 
Thursday 24 August 2017 4.30pm

Please note: The canvassing of Councillors or Council staff in relation to this expression of interest may automatically result in disqualification.

Request for Quotation - Byron Visitor Centre Refurbishment

Contract number: 

Byron Bay is well established as one of Australia’s most popular and cultural tourist destinations. Over the past 4 years, visitor numbers have increased by 57% with annual visitation currently at 2 million, of which half are domestic day visitors.

The Byron Visitor Centre (BVC) is one of NSW’s most frequented visited centres (AVIC NSW) and is located in the centre of Byron Bay in the Railway Square precinct. With a substantial increase in visitor numbers to Byron Shire over the last few years there is a need to rethink and refresh the space to create an exceptional customer experience. Last financial year the BVC received 123,905 visitors per year (averaging 340 visitors per day) and is key in dispersing visitors to other towns and villages within Byron Shire and neighbouring destinations within the Northern Rivers region.

Byron Shire Council, in partnership with the BVC is looking to refurbish its visitor centre to meet the changing and increasing needs of visitors and create a best-practice example of visitor servicing in Australia. The refurbishment includes embedding leading edge digital technology, enabling an exceptional customer experience by showcasing Byron’s history, aboriginal heritage and story. While providing innovative merchandising and local artisan spaces and a platform for visitors and the community to come together.

The Old Station Master’s Cottage is a heritage building Circa 1930’s and the layout and configuration has remained mostly unchanged for several years. The fixtures and finishes reflect the era, however these need to be updated to incorporate a positive customer experience while maintaining a modern heritage style. In addition, there is need to introduce digital technology and platforms into the visitor centre to remove the large reliance on brochures. The BVC needs to be a visitor centre that can open 24/7 with self-serve stations to cater for additional demand in peak visitor periods. 

To obtain the BVC Request for Quotation documentation please visit Submissions will only be accepted via tendersonline. 

Enquiries:  Sarah Workman on 02 6626 7170

Expressions of interest close: 
Monday 4 September 2017 2.00pm

Please note: The canvassing of Councillors or Council staff in relation to this expression of interest may automatically result in disqualification.

EOI - Affordable Housing Proposals for land in Byron Shire

Council invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) for affordable housing proposals on land in Byron Shire. 

The EOI is seeking proposals for small, medium and large-scale project ideas in both existing and potential future urban areas. Respondents may like to consider partnership opportunities with the land owners, private sector or community housing providers to deliver long term affordable housing solutions in Byron Shire.   

Council is seeking conceptual proposals only at this stage, not a planning proposal as defined in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Your EOI should provide a short overview of your housing project, and if known indicate the core values and principles that will facilitate delivery of a secure affordable housing supply in the Shire.  Click here for Preferred Attributes for Affordable Housing Land.

If you wish to be considered under the EOI process, please complete the online expression of interest (EOI) form. EOIs will only be accepted via this form.

What information is required to complete the form?

  • Details of EOI Respondent
  • Details of the land owner and documentation demonstrating their consent to the EOI for their land
  • Details of Property

CLICK HERE to submit your EOI 

Following assessment of applications, respondents will be notified in writing of Council’s decision. Council makes no guarantees as to the realisation of any or all sites received through this EOI process.

For more information: contact Natalie Hancock on 02 6626 7169 or email 

Expressions of interest close: 
Tuesday 12 September 2017 4.30pm

Please note: The canvassing of Councillors or Council staff in relation to this expression of interest may automatically result in disqualification.

Community Membership - Brunswick Heads Memorial Hall

 Love Byron Halls

  • Do you love where you live?
  • Do you want to meet new people?
  • Do you want to make things happen locally?
  • Do you want to create new connections?

If you answered yes, we would you like to encourage you to join a Section 355 Management Committee or Board.

Love Byron Halls is an initiative to celebrate your halls and venues as spaces to get together. We want you to help create a new history in your town or village. Research shows that community involvement in managing community facilities provides better outcomes for locals while engaging and including local people and providing an opportunity to participate in local community life.

Council is currently calling for nominations for additional members to the Brunswick Heads Memorial Hall Management Committee.

Nomination forms, further information such as Terms of References, the ‘Halls and Venues Guidelines for Section 355 Management Committees and Boards’ and past meeting minutes can be found on Council’s website at

Enquiries: Joanne McMurtry, Community Project Officer, Ph: 02 6626 7316 or Email:

Expressions of interest close: 
Friday 22 September 2017 4.00pm

Please note: The canvassing of Councillors or Council staff in relation to this expression of interest may automatically result in disqualification.