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Byron Bay Wetlands Open Day - Saturday 25 March

Celebrating World Water Day

A celebration of Water to live more sensitively in our catchments, towns and homes.

Where:  Cavanbah Centre, Byron Bay - Saturday 25 March 2017

What's on - Learning to Live Sensitively with Water - learn more, click here

  • 9.00am Welcome to Country
  • 9.30am SCU Solar Sunflower: Dr Barry Hill
  • 10.00am Water Sensitive Garden and Home Design: Jerry Coleby-Williams (ABC Gardening Show)
  • 11.00am Launch of “My Local Garden” Booklet
  • 11.30am Use of Wastewater for the Rehabilitation of Flood Plains: Dr Mark Bayley and Damian McCann
  • 12.00pm  Water Sensitive Coastal Living – what we're doing for deep resilience: Dr Mary Gardner
  • 12.30pm  Birds of Wetlands: Jan Olley
  • 1.00pm School Colouring Competition – announcement of winners
  • 2.00pm  Close 

Activities for the Water Sensitive - learn more, click here

  • Wetland excursions - leaving from the Cavanbah Centre
  • Bird Hide and Wetland Interpretive Centre
  • Solar Sunflower
  • Catchment Model
  • Water Bug Detective
  • Hot Spots Water Quality Surveying
  • Paperbark Art
  • Wetland Exhibition
  • Information stalls 

Other links

World Water Day -

Water savings

Consisting of an area of over 100ha, the Byron Wetlands have been a huge success since they were expanded in 2004.  By using treated effluent from the Byron Bay Sewage Treatment Plant, the Byron Wetlands integrates environmental, social and economic benefits for the whole community; not the least being – the wetlands provides habitat for many animals, including over 200 species of birds, with several species being rare and endangered.

Birds of the Wetlands

 Photographs - Copyright Deborah Pearse

Event photos have been generously provided by Deborah Pearse and Sean O’Shea