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Elysium is an immersive laneway experience designed to evoke a feeling of optimism and joy. The concept is inspired by a modern and vibrant Byron Bay, where contemporary art, lighting and nature come together to create a unique sense of place and identity for Lawson Lane.

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Elysium… A place or state of perfect happiness. Wonderland. Paradise. Perfect Bliss.

Experienced local artists have been invited to work with Creative Road to develop unique artwork concepts to be applied to the central laneway all while dramatically improving amenity and safety of the laneway.

Artists will then be partnered with HSC visual arts students who will work with them in the development and execution of ELYSIUM. This youth arts mentorship program is designed to develop skills, build capacity and gain valuable industry contacts for the young people involved.

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This transformation is set to take place in March 2017!

Latest information:

  • ELYSIUM has some wonderful new Patrons to announce, they are Carl + Sonya Wilkin, Mike + Jo Chaseling, Laurel + Michael Judell, Colleen DaRosa + Paul Roberts, Chris Hanley + Dawn Standfield , Peter Farrell, Espressohead Café and Byron Bay First National Real Estate….thank you so much, we couldn't do this without you!

  • The traffic management plan is now being advertised in the Echo and details have been provided to all tenants/building owners in the laneway and surrounds.  Elysium is working closely with everyone to minimize disruption to the normal function of the laneway.  Should you have any concerns (or know of others who do) please contact the Project Manager Marisa Snow on 0412 853 543 or email

  • If you are a qualified traffic manager or know of one who might be interested in supporting the project please contact ELYSIUM.

  • In case you didn't know there are five incredible Byron Shire artists involved in the ELYSIUM project, Christina Waterson, Kellie O'Dempsey, Max Beaur, Harley Graham and Colleen DaRosa. They will be joined by Sydney artists Jumbo and Sonia van de Haar and Berlin artist Danny Gretcher.

  • The project is still looking for fundraising support to help cover costs such as equipment hire, traffic managers, builders, paint contractors etc.  If you know anyone who might like to support our project by making a donation of $1k or more – please ask them get in touch with ELYSIUM.