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Sustainable Living

The Power Up Northern Rivers Electric Vehicle Strategy (Power Up) has been prepared by the regional collaboration, Sustain Northern Rivers, and led by Byron and Tweed Shire Councils, to create a plan for sustainable electric vehicle use into the future and is a landmark step for increasing the uptake of electric vehicle ownership on the North Coast.

The Northern Rivers Carpool is a free, online service for anyone who wants to save money, meet new people and reduce their carbon footprint while travelling to work or study or a special event. The NR Carpool is so easy to use. It takes two minutes to join the network and then NR Carpool will search its database and match you with other people travelling in the same direction.

Ecological foot-printing is a simple way to estimate the impact of any person's way of life on the planet's resources. An eco-footprint takes into account the amount of land required to produce and supply all of the resources we need to support our lifestyles, including food, energy and transport, as well as the area needed to assimilate all the waste we generate.

The food we consume uses a significant amount of natural resources and has large social, environmental and economic impacts. Read more about this, and see links to local Farmers' Markets and Community Gardens.

All over the world urban land is being cultivated into productive food gardens. Community gardens play a role in improving access to fresh locally grown food, as well as providing valuable recreational activity, social interaction and educational benefits for the local community.

Find out more about how you can live more sustainably when it comes to your energy consumption with tips for energy efficiency, and information about solar PV panels and solar hot water.

As we consider ways of saving water, one important method is using more grey water, which basically means using the same water more than once. For example, you might use clean water for a shower, and then re-use that same 'grey' water from the shower to water the garden. Read more about what grey water is and how to use it.

Read some tips about reducing your environmental impact at home.

Byron Shire Council has created a Sustainable Industry Business Directory featuring over 80 local businesses. Inside you'll find fashion designers, eco-tourism operators, trades people and artists and many more local businesses with a sustainability edge.

Byron Shire Council's 'Sustainable Streets' program aims to foster community-inspired sustainable behaviour change at a neighbourhood level. The program consists of regular neighbourhood gatherings and sustainability education workshops on various topics.