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Sustainability Events

Byron Shire Council runs several sustainability events throughout the year, often collaborating with local community organisations. Go to the pages below for more information...

Each year Byron Shire Council hosts a series of Sustainability Seminars. This includes hosting workshops and other events to assist community groups and sustainable businesses within the shire.

Find out what’s happening in the Northern Rivers area this year to celebrate Sustainable House Day. Sustainable House Day is a national event held each year in September. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and the key to sustainable living. You can partake in Sustainable House Day to tap into local knowledge and learn how to successfully integrate renewable energy, recycling, and other sustainable practices into your home and lifestyle.

The community of Byron Shire sets the bar high on sustainable and environmental initiatives. World Environment Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the sustainability brilliance of the people and organisations in Byron Shire. Come along and learn about the inspiring organisations and individuals who have been nominated. Share in the celebrations. Promote your project or initiative.