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Forward Planning

Council resolved to review and amend the planning controls for the Bangalow Village Centre under Chapter E2 of Byron Development Control Plan 2014. A draft has been prepared, however, as a result of Council’s resolution in October 2015 to prepare a Place Activation Masterplan for Bangalow, the DCP has now been put on hold to be reviewed in light of the Masterplan findings to ensure any DCP controls accords with the community views identified through the Masterplan.

A number of areas with environmental values throughout the Shire were deferred from being zoned in the Byron LEP 2014, pending the outcome of the Department of Planning & Environment’s Northern Councils E Zone Review. The review is now complete and Council has received a Ministerial section 117 direction that clarifies how the E Zones are to be applied.

Council is developing a Residential Strategy to set a clear vision and policy framework for the Shire’s urban residential lands. The Strategy will set out how Council will work towards delivering a more sustainable and appropriate housing supply, a range of housing types to meet the diverse needs of the Byron Shire community and related infrastructure over time. The Strategy will look at housing needs and supply, market issues and housing trends, and will provide a framework for managing future growth.

The Rural Land Use Strategy provides a strategic framework centred on the management and use of rural land for living, working and recreation. It will guide future land zoning and other planning instruments such as Local Environmental Plans. It will be underpinned by community vision and focused on long term sustainability. Council adopted the Strategy at the 4 August 2016 meeting.

Short term rental accommodation or holiday letting is where an existing home is used to provide short term accommodation to paying tourists and visitors. Council is amending the Byron Local Environmental Plan 2014 to define short term rental accommodation and provide development pathways to formalise its use in existing homes.