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Development in the Byron Shire

“Development” is defined by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, and includes erecting or demolishing a building, subdividing land, changing the use of land, or carrying out work on land

Whether the development requires development consent will depend on how its defined and where it falls in the applicable planning controls. Byron Shire has two Local Environmental Plans (LEP) affecting the local government area being:

Byron Local Environmental Plan 2014 commenced on the 21 July 2014. Parts of the Shire however have been deferred from this LEP and are covered by Byron LEP 1988. Some properties especially in rural areas may be affected by both LEP’s. For details to ascertain which LEP applies to your land, please contact Council. 

Some development types are also nominated as exempt or complying development by the State Government and do not require the submission of a development application and development consent. For details see:

For further information on the SEPP refer to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure website.

Council can advise you whether or not your proposal needs development consent or some other form of approval. Other useful links include:

For every property transaction you make, you need to think about tax implications.  It is recommended that you obtain your own independent advice in relation to tax matters.