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Complying Development

A Complying Development Certificate is a type of consent that can be issued by Council or an accredited certifier for smaller scale developments such as minor dwelling house alterations and additions, garages, carports, pergolas and shade structures, internal shop or office works, swimming pools, sheds, fences and retaining walls.

A proposal must fall within a category of Complying Development and comply with relevant criteria contained in Council's Development Control Plan No 16 - Exempt and Complying Development to be eligible for a complying development certificate. A Complying Development Certificate Application can be made by submitting the relevant form to Council together with detailed building plans and specifications.

A Complying Development Certificate cannot be issued unless:

  • the proposed development fully complies with the relevant criteria and specific requirements for Complying Development in Byron's Exempt and Complying Development LEP and DCP, and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
  • the proposal will comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

If the above cannot be satisfied, then a Development Application must be submitted to Council, and a Construction Certificate obtained from Council or an accredited certifier. Complying Development Certificates are subject to a number of standard conditions.

Guidelines for Complying Development