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Transport Strategy (Stage 2) Project Reference Group

See Transport Advisory Committee


The PRG is to undertake Stage 2 of the proposed 4 stage process toward development of a shire-wide transport strategy as follows:

  1. Stakeholder comment/input to be sought on the adopted Draft Transport Policy and potential scope of a Shire-wide strategy.
  2. To consider scope in regards to applicability, practicability, consultation, time frame, costs, available funding, resources, other priorities, etc.
  3. Commencement of consultation, GAP analysis and audit of transport services and jurisdiction.
  4. Proposed project scope reported to Council as a potential “Project Brief” which identifies required tasks, resources and funding and confirms what is done in-house (with existing resources or new employment) or outsourced, or a combination of the two.
  5. That a discussion paper be developed to assist with both the stakeholder and community feedback regarding the adopted Transport Policy and the proposed development of a shire-wide transport strategy, including its potential scope.

Timeframe to carry out objectives

The Project Reference Group has 12 months to complete its objectives.

This group will be disbanded in May 2010, this group has been extended.

The Council or Strategic Planning committee may dissolve the Group at any time.


Councillor Representative(s): 

Invited Member(s): 

  •  N/A

Community Representative(s):

  • N/A 

Staff Contact:

  • Director Asset Management Services Tel 02 6626 7101
  • Traffic and Transport Planner Tel 02 6626 7080
  • Manager Community Planning and Natural Resources Tel 02 6626 7033 
  • Strategic / Community Planner
  • Other staff will be involved as required

Committee Meets

As required

18 November 2010
Agenda 206.96 KB
16 August 2010
Report 32.6 KB
13 April 2010
Report 40.61 KB
15 March 2010
Report 202.77 KB
4 March 2010
Report 218.31 KB
21 January 2010
Report 225.86 KB