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Transport Advisory Committee

Date commenced: 
11 October 2010
Date disbanded: 
29 September 2016

The Transport Advisory Committee is an advisory Committee of the Council and does not have the executive power or authority to implement actions.

The role of the Committee is, independently of management, to report to Council or Strategic Planning Committee and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to its Constitution.


The purpose of the Transport Advisory Committee is:

  1. To advise and assist Council on the implementation of the 2009 adopted Transport Policy and in particular its implication on other Council policy, practice process, operations and decision-making.
  2. To advise and assist Council in the development of the proposed Transport Strategy.
  3. To represent (and report to) Council, as required, on the development and progress of an Integrated Regional Transport Plan such as that being progressed via Social Futures (NOROC).
  4. To identify and report opportunities or concerns regarding transport services and infrastructure to Council as required including, but not limited to, funding opportunities, government policy, practice or guidelines, safety, accessibility, mobility and other such relevant transport issues.


Councillor Representatives:

Community Membership

  • Sapoty Brook
  • John Blanch
  • Kumar Rajaratnam
  • Philip Theaker
  • Stephen Stewart

Non-voting member appointed

  • Social Futures (Northern Rivers Social Development Council) representative 

Staff Representatives:

  • Director Infrastructure Services
  • Traffic and Transport Planner

Committee Meets

No less than 4 times per year

Historical Committee meetings

Listed here are meetings prior to December 2014. Meetings after December 2014 are available on Meetings of Council.

25 June 2012 1.30pm
Report 10.54 KB
12 June 2012
Agenda 78.35 KB
2012-06-12-.pdf 532.68 KB
2012-06-12-.pdf 280.74 KB
28 May 2012
Agenda 190.94 KB
Annexure 1 64.81 KB
Annexure 2 43.94 KB
Report 10.63 KB
14 November 2011
Agenda 726.32 KB
Report 15.58 KB
9 May 2011 10.30am
Agenda 62.69 KB
Report 74.47 KB