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Sustainable Economy Committee

Date commenced: 
19 March 2015
Date disbanded: 
29 September 2016


The role of the SEC Committee is, independently of management, to report to Council and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to economic development and tourism in the Shire.


The objective of the Committee is to work with Council and the Economic Development & Tourism unit of Council to generate and sustain employment and business investment in the Byron Shire that will strengthen the Byron Shire local economy in a sustainable manner. 

Actions of the SEC that can assist to achieve this include: 

  • Seeking out and identifying opportunities to help the Shire achieve its social-economic development goals;
  • Providing advice to Byron Shire Council in relation to the sustainable economic development, marketing and management of tourism and other industries, including events and other cultural initiatives,
  • Providing a holistic view of industry development and management that represents the interests of both industry and resident communities across the Shire, with regard for the social, environmental and economic benefit of the Byron Shire community;
  • Providing advice and assistance with implementation of strategies and actions within the Byron Shire Economic Development Strategy, the Tourism Management Plan, Events Strategy and any other plans relevant to the Economic Development & Tourism unit of Council;
  • Acting as a sounding board in response to initiatives of the Economic Development & Tourism team as well as to community members, business groups and associations in the community;
  • Providing timely information regarding events and issues of importance occurring in and to the local business community;
  • Suggesting  and recommending to staff ways the Shire can support, retain and/or attract business investment to the community;
  • Identifying and reporting industry trends (including relevant statistics) on competitiveness issues, policy and programs across local, regional, domestic and international platforms; and
  • Assisting with the dissemination of information between all stakeholders
  • Fostering links and engagement between Council, industry and community interests, including provision of leadership on partnership initiatives and supporting partnership development;
  • Working cooperatively with local, state and regional government departments and agencies, local economic development, tourism and industry and business organisations, environmental stakeholder organisations and the community;

The committee will also;

  • Provide direction to the various sub-committees established by the SEC Committee to work on individual areas;
  • Consider and review reports prepared by sub-committees and refer appropriate policy and strategic direction to staff for their appropriate action, including formal submission to Council.
  • Report on achievements, via an annual report to Council, stakeholders and the community on the progress of implementation of the relevant plans.



Councillor Representatives:

Community Membership

Representing the following areas:


Damian Antico

Food production:

Keith Byrne

Creative Industries:

Ajay McFadden

Business Services:

Rob Doolan


Dr Meredith Wray


Dr Charlie Zammit


John Hertzberg


Nicole Reeve


Theodore Kabbout


Gavin Brown

Staff Representatives:

  • Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator

  Agendas and Minutes for this Committee are available at Meetings of Council