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Strategic Planning Committee

This Committee has delegated authority to determine all matters relating to the business of the Council, other than those items a Council cannot delegate as listed in section 377(1) of the Act subject to each item of business being determined by the Committee having been publicly notified in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice.

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Committee is:

  • To lead research and policy direction on key strategic issues for Byron Shire
  • To provide direction to the various sub-committees established by the Strategic Planning Committee to work on individual areas
  • To consider the reports prepared by sub-committees and determine appropriate policy and strategic direction and/or refer them to Council for their appropriate action.


Councillor Representative(s):

Staff Representatives:

  • General Manager (or delegate)

Note: Staff members have no voting rights

Committee Meets

At least quarterly

Reports of the Committee

Agendas and Minutes of this Committee can be found on the Council Meeting page link to

23 September 2009 11.00pm
19 August 2009 11.00pm
28 May 2009
Report 59.68 KB
7 May 2009
Report 48.87 KB
26 March 2009
Report 97.37 KB
19 March 2009
Report 50.57 KB