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Staff OH&S Committee

Date commenced: 
15 September 2008

The purpose of an OHS committee

  1. The purpose of an OHS committee is to provide a mechanism for consultation between employers and employees.
  2. An OHS committee has elected employee representatives and appointed employer (management) representatives that consult about health and safety matters and make recommendations for improvements in these areas.
  3. An OHS committee is a forum where health and safety problems can be identified and resolved using a systematic approach to OHS and where safe systems and procedures can be developed and monitored and continually improved.
  4. An OHS committee can help prevent injuries and fatalities from occurring in the workplace. Evidence suggests that workplaces with effective committees show a decline in accident and work related illness rates.
  5. An OHS committee is an advisory body only. It does not make decisions about OHS issues. That remains the responsibility of the employer. However, the employer must value employee’s views and take them into account. The OHS committee assists the employer to make more informed decisions by providing recommendations regarding OHS issues.