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Social/Community Advisory Committee

Date commenced: 
21 September 2010
Date disbanded: 
15 December 2011

The Social/Community Committee is an advisory Committee of the Council and does not have the executive power or authority to implement actions.

The role of the Committee is, independently of management, to report to Council or Strategic Planning Committee and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to its Constitution.


The purpose of the Social/Community Advisory Committee is:

  1. To advise and assist Council in Social, Cultural and Community policy development in response to local needs.
  2. To assist in the review and development of plans and strategies including, but no limited to:
     i.    Community Strategic Plan
     ii.   Community Safety Plan
     iii.   Social Plan
     iv.   Positive Ageing Strategy.
  3. To advise and assist Council in the implementation of adopted plans and strategies including, but not limited to:
    i.      Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
    ii.     Cultural Plan.
  4. To assist Council integrate social, community and cultural planning into the broader economically sustainable development (ESD) planning of Council.


Councillor Representatives:

Community Membership

  • Paul Spooner
  • Julie Williams
  • Jacquelin Pick

Staff Representatives:

  • Executive Manager Society and Culture

Committee Meets

No less than 4 times per year