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Roads and Asset Management Project Reference Group


The purpose of the Roads and Asset Management Project Reference Group is:

  1. Establish a comprehensive information base by undertaking the identification and examination of:
    • a) all federal, state and local government policies, legislation, guidelines, plans, manuals and other relevant documents pertaining to the management of roads, roadsides and associated infrastructure in Byron Shire.
    • b) all federal, state, and local government funding sources available for management of roads, roadsides and associated infrastructure in Byron Shire.
    • c) all aspects of the regulatory framework in which roads and associated asset management services are delivered including, but not limited to OHS, industrial agreements, RTA, environmental protection and access.
  2. Improve the management of roads and associated infrastructure networks.
  3. Ensure maximum value for money is achieved from road and associated infrastructure and service budgets.
  4. Integrate all road user needs into capital works, maintenance and roadside management plans.
  5. Minimise the environmental impacts of road and associated infrastructure building, maintenance and management.
  6. Review recommendations SPC 4.2.1 and associated draft documents from Item 4.2 considered at the Strategic Planning Committee of 25 November 2010 to the PRG for consideration and further development.
  7. Review all draft policy documents, reports and processes associated with roads, associated infrastructure and roadside management.
  8. Make recommendations to Council including interim recommendations to Council in March 2011 for consideration as part of the 2011/2012 budget process.
  9. Provide a final report to Council by 30 June 2011  

Timeframe to carry out objectives

The Project Reference Group has 3 months to complete its objectives.

This group will be disbanded on 30 June 2011.

The Council or Strategic Planning committee may dissolve the Group at any time.


Councillor Representative(s):  

Invited Member(s): 

  •  N/A

Community Representative(s):

  • N/A 

Staff Contact:

  • Executive Manager Community Infrastructure Tel 02 6626 7101
  • Manager Infrastructure and Planning 
  • Manager Works 
  • Manager Finance 

Committee Meets

As required

27 July 2011
Agenda 16.92 KB
Report 28.28 KB
29 June 2011 12.00pm
Agenda 16.76 KB
Report 29.28 KB
14 June 2011 10.00am
Agenda 17.19 KB
Report 29.52 KB
25 May 2011 10.00am
Agenda 17.65 KB
Report 26.38 KB
6 April 2011 2.00pm
Agenda 16.74 KB
Report 24.62 KB
30 March 2011 10.00am
Agenda 17.64 KB
Report 19.87 KB