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Heritage Advisory Committee

Date commenced: 
16 July 2015
Date disbanded: 
29 September 2016

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) is an advisory Committee of the Council and does not have executive power or authority to implement actions. 

The role of the HAC is, independently of management, to report to Council and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to heritage management in the Shire. 


The purpose of the Heritage Advisory Committee is to provide support and advice to Council to assist its’ operations on heritage matters. 

Actions of the HAC that can assist to achieve this include:  

  • Assisting Council in the development of policies and strategies including the preparation of a Heritage Strategy and the management of natural and cultural heritage generally in Byron Shire local government area.
  • Advising Council staff, the Heritage Adviser and the Council on matters relating to the ongoing implementation of the Heritage Strategy (once completed).
  • Assisting Council to procure and allocate funding assistance and to recommend projects for which funding should be sought in line with the Heritage Strategy (once completed).
  • Providing access to the general community to distribute information and for public input into heritage management, eg, to nominate additional properties for assessment of heritage significance.
  • Advising Council on a range of heritage-related matters which are of interest to the community, in particular, by providing expertise, local knowledge and guidance on heritage matters and in relation to heritage assessments.


Membership is to include: 

Councillor Representatives:

1 representative from each of the Shire’s known historical societies being:

    • Brunswick Valley /Mullumbimby Historical Society - Mr Chris Cooney 
    • Bangalow - Mr Don Osborne
    • Byron Bay Historical Society representative - Mr Donald Maughan
  • 1 representative each from:
    • the Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal) - Mr Gavin Brown (Alternate Mr Norman Graham) and  
    • Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Council - Leweena Williams
    • Jali Aboriginal Land Council - Mr Dave Brown
  • 4 Community representatives
  • Mr Jeff Lovett
  • Mr Leonard Baitz - (June Grant Alternate Community Rep)
  • Mr Jim Rogers
  • TBA

Council may appoint an alternate for any Committee member position as recommended by the Heritage Advisory Committee. 

Note:  The Director of Sustainable Environment and Economy or a staff delegate and Council’s Heritage Advisor will be available to attend to provide technical advice and guidance but will not have any voting entitlements on the committee.

Staff Representatives:

  • Director Sustainable Environment and Economy 

Committee Meetings

 Agenda and Minutes for the Heritage Advisory Commitee can be found here