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Byron Shire Sport Stakeholders Forum

Date commenced: 
18 November 2013


a) To bring together all of the major and emerging sporting groups currently using, or having a need to use, Council's sports fields and facilities on a regular basis.

b) To provide a means of improving and facilitating closer co-operation and collaboration between sporting codes who are active within the Byron LGA.

c) To improve the level of understanding between the clubs and associations as to the competing demands for limited indoor/outdoor recreation spaces within the Byron LGA.

d) To collect data and information regarding the growth of each of the sporting codes and their likely future development needs.

e) To utilise information regarding the future growth and development needs of the clubs to help inform future Council decision making and forward infrastructure planning, including the potential development of a Shire strategic plan for sport facilities development/improvements.

f) To provide a forum for actively engaging with the principal users of Council sports fields on ground/facility development proposals and any issues arising from the use of Council facilities.

g) To build a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect between clubs/codes and between clubs/codes and the Council.

h) Through closer co-operation, facilitate and promote shared ground/facilities development proposals for government funding utilising seed funding/funding from sporting associations/codes and/or the Council.


Councillor representatives:

Participation in the Forums is open to all sporting groups that currently use, or have a need to use, Council sports fields/facilities, primarily (although not exclusively) by virtue of them having a signifcant membership residing within the Byron Shire Local Government Area.

The number of participants would be a maximum of two per Club or based upon such other formula which ensures equity and fairness of representation.


  • General Manager or delegate
  • Director Infrastructure Services
  • Manager Sustainable Communities
  • Staff as required


18 November reported to Council 12 December 2013

This group will also meet in 2014 on 17 February, 19 May, 18 August and 17 November.

Please contact Greg Ironfield, Manager Sustainable Communities, on 6626 7000 regarding attendance at the forum meetings.