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Biodiversity and Sustainability Advisory Committee

Date commenced: 
18 November 2010
Date disbanded: 
29 September 2016

The Biodiversity and Sustainability Committee is an advisory Committee of the Council and does not have the executive power or authority to implement actions.

The role of the Committee is, independently of management, to report to Council or Strategic Planning Committee and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to its Constitution.


The purpose of the Biodiversity and Sustainability Advisory Committee is:

  1. To assist Council in the implementation of the Byron Shire Greenhouse Action Strategy.
  2. To assist Council in the implementation of the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.
  3. To identify and report opportunities or concerns regarding Biodiversity and Sustainability issues to Council including, but not limited to, funding opportunities, special events, government policy, practice or guidlines.
  4. To assist Council in delivering the Northern Rivers Food Link Project and similar sustainability projects and programs.
  5. Regarding the management of the Environment Levy:
    a)   advise Council on matters to be considered for funding from the
          Environmental Levy each year
    b)   quarterly, review the projects funded by the Environmental Levy, following
          advice provided by Council Staff, and
    c)   advise Council on both allocation and expenditure of funds consistent with
          environmental levy Terms of Reference ie. by reviewing a draft budget each
          year and providing advice on priorities for expenditure and monitoring
          environmental outcomes of levy projects.



Councillor Representatives:

Community Membership

  • Donovan Adcock
  • Andy Baker
  • Samala Heart
  • Joanna Immig
  • Luke McConell
  • James Mayson
  • Chris Sanderson
  • Kate Smillie
  • Peter Westheimer

Staff Representatives:

  • Manager Land and Natural Environment

Committee Meets

No less than 4 times per year

Historical Committee meetings

Listed here are meetings prior to December 2014. Meetings after December 2014 are available on Meetings of Council.

6 November 2014 9.00am
Agenda 88.98 KB
Annexure 1 318.95 KB
Annexure 2 1.07 MB
11 September 2014 9.00am
Agenda 362.93 KB
Annexure 1 663.88 KB
Report 10.91 KB
3 July 2014
Agenda 76.18 KB
Report 14.12 KB
8 May 2014 9.00am
Agenda 83.07 KB
Annexure 1 267.77 KB
Report 16.7 KB
13 March 2014
Agenda 102.32 KB
Report 15.87 KB
25 October 2013
Agenda 102.97 KB
Annexure 1 433.33 KB
Report 9.6 KB