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Belongil Creek Flood Risk Management Committee

The Committee is formed by the Council and does not have executive power or authority to implement actions.

The role of the Committee is to carry out specific objectives as stated in the Constitution.


The purpose of the Floodplain Risk Management (Belongil Creek) Committee is: 

  1. To oversee and advise Council on the preparation and implementation of the Flood Study and Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for the Belongil Creek floodplain.


Membership as per the constitution (noting that the 3 invited members do not have voting rights): 

  • 4 Councillors
  • 3 invited members:
    • Phillip Buchanan representing the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH)
    • Andrew Page representing Cape Byron Marine Park
    • Kaylene Jones representing SES (Regional Controller)
    • Paul Sudmals representing SES (Local Controller)
  • 2 interested community representatives: (Human Habitat Panel)
    • John Vaughan
    • Col Draper