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Arakwal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Advisory Committee

Date commenced: 
7 November 2012

The Arakwal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Advisory Committee is an advisory committee of the Council and does not have executive power or authority to implement actions.

The role of the Arakwal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Advisory Committee is, independently of management, to report to Council and provide appropriate advice and recommendations on matters relevant to its Constitution.

The purpose of the Arakwal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Advisory Committee is:

To meet as required to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between the Byron Shire Council and the Bundjalung of Byron Bay (Arakwal) people and deliver and review identified actions, governance, processes and projects.

The Council acknowledges that Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of the Byron Shire area and that according to their continuing law, traditions and customs it remains their traditional country.  The Council also acknowledges and respects the Corporation’s right to speak for its country in accordance with its laws, traditions and customs.

The parties commit themselves to seek together ways in which Aboriginal interests can be advanced where decisions are to be made about their traditional country.

The parties commit themselves to work together to ensure that this is done in a way that advances the interests of the whole community and promotes harmonious community interests.

This committee meets to fulfil Council’s legal obligations under the Native Title Act and facilitate an avenue for the traditional owners as recognised under the Native Title Act (1993) the Bundjalung of Byron Bay, Arakwal People, to participate in governance on matters relating to their ancestral homelands.

2017 Meeting Dates

2 March 2017

15 June 2017

22 September 2017


Councillor representatives:

Invited representatives from Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal):

  • General Manager
  • 2 Arakwal Board members


  • Community Projects Officer (Aboriginal and CALD), General Manager or delegate 

Historical Committee meetings

Listed here are meetings prior to December 2014. Meetings after December 2014 are available on Meetings of Council.

6 November 2014
Agenda 112.27 KB
Annexure 1 1.32 MB
Report 12.85 KB
20 August 2014
Agenda 319.26 KB
Annexure 1 4.31 MB
Report 102.91 KB
15 May 2014
Agenda 108.96 KB
Annexure 1(a) 761.18 KB
Annexure 1(b) 225.09 KB
Annexure 2 895.45 KB
Report 149.45 KB
18 February 2014
Agenda 63.96 KB
Annexure 1 820.3 KB
Annexure 2 435.89 KB
Report 14.29 KB
15 August 2013
Agenda 58.96 KB
Annexure 1(a) 775.73 KB
Report 13.93 KB
10 April 2013
Agenda 705.18 KB
Annexure 1 2.14 MB
Annexure 2(a) 621.84 KB
Annexure 2(b) 206.38 KB
Annexure 2(c) 393.24 KB
Annexure 2(e) 802.92 KB
Report 22.68 KB