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Aboriginal (Protocol) Project Reference Group

Commenced (To be advised)

Note:  This PRG was disbanded on 16 December 2010 see Council resolution 10-1071 due to the adoption fo the DLG Aboriginal Resource Kit.


  1. To prepare a model protocol for Byron Shire Council utilising the Engaging with Local Aboriginal Communities: A Resource Kit for Local Government in NSW for consideration by the Committee.  The Model will be based on the Community Cultural Development NSW Document 'Respect, Acknowledge, Listen'.


Timeframe to carry out objectives

6 months 


Councillor Representative(s): 

  • Cr Jan Barham
  • Cr Tom Tabart

Invited Member(s): 

  • Lois Cook representing Madhima Gulgan
  • Representative from Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Representative from Jali Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Representative from Bundgalung Council of Elders
  • Representative from Bundjalung of Byron Bay Aboriginal Corporation (Arakwal)

Community Representative(s): 

  • N/A

Staff Contact:

  • Manager Sustainable Communities Tel 02 6626 7000

Committee Meets

As Required