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Coastal Zone Management Plan for Byron Bay Embayment

The Coastal Zone Management Plan Byron Bay Embayment (CZMP) covers the Byron Bay embayment (BBE) which is the coastline that is a beach from south of Tyagarah Nature Reserve to Cape Byron. The BBE is made up of several precincts (from north to south): North Beach; Belongil Beach; Cavvanbah; Main Beach; Clarkes Beach; The Pass; Wategos; and Little Wategos. 

The purpose of the CZMP is to describe proposed actions to be implemented by Byron Shire Council, other public authorities and the private sector, to address priority management issues in these precincts. The CZMP provides for a 15 year implementation period, in consideration of current and forecasted coastal hazards and risks for 2050 and 2100 timeframes. 

The CZMP addresses coastal hazard risks and coastal ecosystem health as it pertains to the ‘open coast’ of the Byron Bay Embayment. It does not address coastal hazards specifically relating to estuarine processes such as the coastal inundation risk to the Belongil Estuary or the interaction of tidal waters with catchment floodwaters. These matters are addressed through the floodplain management plan for the Belongil Estuary.

The draft plan features:

    • adaptive seawall with walkway at Belongil Beach
    • upgrade of the Jonson Street protection works and removal of the spur groynes
    • update coastal hazard land use and planning controls
    • dune revegetation and soft dune stabilisation
    • emergency action sub plan Byron Shire Coastline
    • coastal hazard investigation of Lighthouse Road, Captain Cook car park and Marine Parade Wategos Beach
    • monitor coastal processes and impacts on North Beach.

Where are we now?

Council, at the 29 June 2016 Extra Ordinary Meeting, resolved (Resolution 16 -326) to amend the draft CZMP and submit it to the Minister under section 55G of the Coastal Protection Act 1979. 

The draft CZMP BBE has been updated and sent to the Minister. Council is awaiting the Ministers response.

Development of the draft CZMP BBE

Supporting Documents in the preparation of the CZMP BBE 

Byron Shire Coastline Hazard Assessment Update Report – Completed by BMT WBM and adopted by Council on 10th October 2013 (Resolution 13-542). The report is a detailed assessment of coastal hazards of the Byron Bay Embayment and of the remaining developed parts of the Byron Shire Coastline for the immediate, 2050 and 2100 planning timeframes. 

Coastal Hazard Management Study for the Byron Bay Embayment – Undertaken for Council by consultants Water Research Laboratory (WRL, University of NSW). Finalised and noted by Council on 7 April 2016 (Resolution 16-169). The study is a review and assessment of the options that are available to manage coastal hazards and risks in the Byron Bay Embayment, and a recommendation for coastal hazard risk management in the Byron Bay Embayment.