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Byron LEP 2014 and LEP 1988

Byron Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 1988

Byron LEP 1988 will apply to all land deferred in LEP 2014.

West Byron urban release area

On 14 November 2014,  Byron LEP 1988 was amended to effect the Department of Planning & Environment state significant rezoning of the West Byron urban release area. This means the site is now zoned for a combination of residential, business, light industrial, public recreation and environmental purposes. There are also a suite of other land use controls contained in Part 4 of Byron LEP 1988 that apply only to that urban release area e.g. minimum lot sizes, flood planning. 

A Frequently Asked Questions information sheet about the West Byron urban release area is available on the Department of Planning and Environment website.

The amended version of Byron LEP 1988 including all the maps applying to the West Byron urban release area can be found on the NSW Legislation website, from the links below.

A number of enquiries have been received relating to Clause 32(4) of LEP 1988, which refers to a specific LEP amendment map.  This map is available below:

Byron Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014 

The Byron LEP 2014 was approved by the Minister for Planning & Environment and published on the NSW Legislation website, effective 21 July 2014.

  • Byron LEP 2014 Maps  
    NSW Dept Planning & Environment also provide a portal on their website to obtain specific property planning information, including LEP maps, searchable by address and / or Lot & DP information.

A number of areas with environmental values throughout the Shire were deferred from being zoned in the Byron LEP 2014. These areas are known as Deferred Matters (DM) and are shaded grey on the land zoning maps.  For these areas the Byron LEP 1988 land zones apply.

To assist with determining land use permissibility under Byron LEP 2014, refer to the Land Use Matrix.

Shire Wide Local Environmental Study

The Byron Shire Local Environmental Study (LES) examines the characteristics and constraints of all land in Byron Shire and forms the basis for land use zoning and planning provisions in the new Byron Shire Local Environmental Plan (LEP). Among the features examined include if the land is a protected wetland, is prime agricultural land, has acid sulphate soils, is flood prone, as well as the demographics of the population.  It provides an assessment of these issues against relevant land use controls.

The LES also draws upon key documents that have already been developed by Council such as the Byron Local Environmental Plan 1988, the Biodiversity Conversation Strategy and all development strategies for towns and villages.

The LES is the first document that was prepared for the Shire-wide LEP process and underpins and justifies many of the zonings and provisions contained within the draft LEP.

For further enquiries, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning section on (02) 6626 7126.