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Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan


Read a copy here - Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan

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What's happening now? 

Planning Control Review

A review of planning controls commenced in 2017.  This is the next step in a twenty year delivery process to implement the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan. 

Updating the planning controls will allow changes to the Byron Development Control Plan (DCP) and to Byron Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to reflect the outcomes of the Masterplan and align with the unique characteristic of the town centre.   

The ‘Planning Control review area’  accounted for the Masterplan area and also the areas immediately adjacent to the town centre to consider the wider connections and adjoining neighbourhoods directly influenced by town centre activities. 

The key areas affected by the planning control review are outlined in the map below:

The next steps of the planning control review for the Byron Bay Town Centre involve the preparation of various planning proposals to amend the Byron LEP and new controls in the Byron DCP.

Help us make Byron Town Centre a better place.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in this project:

  1. Register your interest by contacting
  2. Log on to the dedicated Masterplan website where there will always be a way that you can participate in the process. Right now you can let us know “your big idea” by participating in an interactive mapping tool.