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Byron Bay Masterplan

It’s exciting times ahead for Byron Bay with the adoption of the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan in June 2016.

Read a copy here - Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan

The plan features:

  • redesigned foreshore parkland
  • pedestrian prioritised town centre and a focus on placemaking and the public domain
  • reinvigorated newly defined Railway Square
  • enhanced village entry points
  • Jonson Street upgrade with a unique materials palette distinguishing it as the primary town centre street
  • increased local residential and commercial opportunities
  • connecting the wetlands around the Sandhills area

It's a visionary document that provides a high level framework for future decision making within the town centre. This is our guide book to create significant change the ensures our town reflects and celebrates who we are and allows us to show our creativity, move away from fossil fuels and meet in spaces that are regenerated and beautiful.

Could would like to  thank the local Bounce Group, Councillors, staff and the consultants McGregor Coxall team whose guardianship has ensured the delivery of a plan that our community can be very proud of and will ensure strong ownership over the coming decade.

Where to next?

Planning Control Review - We need your help!

Following on from the adoption of the Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan, Council has entered the next exciting phase of reviewing the planning controls. The development of the Masterplan helped draw together ideas from property owners, business and community, planned infrastructure upgrades and funding opportunities to activate areas within the Byron Bay town centre.

Updating the planning controls will allow a new Byron Bay Development Control Plan (DCP) and changes to Byron Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to reflect the outcomes of the Masterplan and align with the unique characteristic and location of the town centre.  

The ‘Planning Control review area’  below takes into account the Masterplan area and also the areas immediately adjacent to the town centre that also are in need of a planning control review. This will consider the wider connections and adjoining neighbourhoods directly influenced by town centre activities.

Help us identify planning controls that will make Byron Town Centre a better place and establish long term community partnerships that will drive the implementation of the Byron Town Centre Masterplan.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved in this project:

  1. Register your interest by contacting
  2. Log on to the dedicated Masterplan website where there will always be a way that you can participate in the process. Right now you can let us know “your big idea” by participating in an interactive mapping tool to let us know what is working and what is not.

The key steps for the planning control review for the Byron Bay Town Centre have been identified in the planning control review process chart.  

Leadership Team has been established from 15 December 2016 for 12 months to help implement the plan.  

Council will also proceed with projects that are already funded such as the Byron Bay Town Centre Placemaking Seed Fund.  These successful projects will beautify, activate and revitalise underutilised spaces in the town centre, public domain and amenity improvements and safety strategies like additional lighting.

Staff will continue to liaise with user groups connected to the Main Beach Catalyst site short term projects in regard to the next steps.


Railway park masterplan artist impression

Council and the contracted consultants, McGregor Coxall, worked with the local community, business and other key stakeholders from October 2014 to understand through the eyes of the local community, what matters, why and where.

The Masterplan site area is large - it is complex, it requires us to respond differently, think differently and react differently - in effect it is a true reflection of the very nature of Byron - the individuality of Byron Bay itself. Therefore the Masterplan was prepared in response to these complex challenges and has explored possible ways to enhance and unlock the full and future potential of the town centre and maintain the spirit of the local community.

Council sees this as a visionary document providing a high level framework for future decision making within the town centre.  It is a holistic plan that considers the next 20 years, with the current and future needs of the local community front and centre in the development process.

Beach front masterplan artist impression

Sandhills community hub masterplan artist impressions

The vision ...

  • A place where the culture of Byron Shire is celebrated and showcased.
  • A place where residents and visitors feel secure, have a sense of belonging and have the opportunity for social interaction.
  • A commercial centre guiding public and private investment.
  • Provide economic prosperity and foster creative industries to broaden the town centres economic base and foster long term economic prosperity.
  • Provide a high level of year round economic activities to overcome seasonal troughs.
  • An exciting place for residents, visitors, employees to shop, relax and enjoy their leisure time.
  • Provide areas for cultural learning and showcasing the towns history for visitors and residents .
  • Provide a town centre that has high quality, identity appropriate street works, various land uses and adequate parking.
  • Provide a town centre where bicycle and pedestrian movement is a feature and celebrated and ensure the traffic management of the town centre is integrated.