Belongil Creek floodplain

Belongil Creek is situated to the west of Byron Bay, is approximately 3km long and has a catchment of around 3000 hectares. The Byron Bay township drains to Belongil Creek and is susceptible to flooding from both intense rainfall over the town catchment and elevated ocean levels.


Some notable past flood events include:

Catchment description

The township of Byron Bay is situated toward the eastern boundary of the catchment with most of the residential development on higher ground. The transport of catchment runoff to the estuary is influenced by numerous man made drains and infrastructure. These include the Union Drain, the Byron Bay town drain (or Butler Street Drain), the North Coast Railway line, Ewingsdale Road and numerous bridges and culverts.

Parts of the catchment area have undergone urban development, but over one-third of the catchment area is covered by Cumbebin Swamp. Large areas of swamp near the town have been reclaimed and developed, reducing the storage within the catchment. Despite this, significant portions of the catchment area are below 2 m Australian Height Datum (AHD).


A previous Belongil Creek Flood Study was finalised in February 1986, prepared by the Public Works Department.