Benefits of the changes

The changes were made for the benefit of all motorists with a major benefit being consistency. Moreover, front to kerb, 45 degree parking is a more commonly (and standard) approach to angle parking within NSW. Other benefits are detailed further within the Council report available online and include:

Another major benefit was the expected – and now evident – increase in levels of compliance.

Improved levels of compliance

One aim of the changes was to achieve a greater level of compliance, particularly in view of the many complaints Council receives to the effect that receiving a parking infringement reflects badly on Byron Bay and its image.  While this will be assessed further over time the impacts of the changes, including on residents and visitors alike, appear to be minimal, with Council Rangers advising levels of parking compliance have already shown marked improvements. 

Consistency and More Efficient Use of Space

Another aim was to provide a consistent parking regime within the town centre.  Prior to the changes various parking arrangements were available, many being unmarked and resulting in inefficient use of the space available, for example one vehicle occupying two spaces.  Such practice is expected to reduce and can now also attract a penalty.

Acceptance of the changes

In addition to compliance, another measure of acceptance of the changes is the low number of concerns regarding the changes registered in writing or via the project phone line; all of which were received within the month prior or after the changes and will addressed as required.