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Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Old Growth Source: D Milledge

Byron Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Review 2014 

It is now 10 years since the Strategy was adopted and 84% of the actions identified in the Strategy have been implemented. The review is required to consider if the remaining actions are still relevant and to allow consideration of future contemporary management actions. 

2014 Review - Aims and Objectives

The aim is to review and update the Strategy to identify, protect and enhance Byron Shire’s native biodiversity values, and provide direction and priorities for conservation actions into the future.

The objectives for the review include:

    1. Ensure the Strategy is consistent with regional plans, strategies completed since 2004.
    2. Ensure the Strategy is consistent with legislative changes completed since 2004.
    3. Ensure the Strategy is reflective of current research and best practise into biodiversity conservation and management priorities.
    4. Review vegetation mapping to reflect changes in vegetation extent over time and improve accuracy.
    5. Identify new actions to be included to direct future work priorities following consultation and input from stakeholders and the community. 

Key Achievements of the Implementation of the Byron Biodiversity Conservation Strategy include

    • External grant funding totalling $2,207,411 received to implement 18 biodiversity management projects on public and private land in the Shire
    • Bush regeneration team undertaking restoration and revegetation works at over 40 sites covering over 200 hectares of high conservation value vegetation.
    • Biodiversity Extension Officer extension and advisory services to landholders managing HCV land through Land for Wildlifeprogram.
    • Education and engagement events - Numerous field days, education program and events delivered to provide advice and support for community to improve awareness and management of biodiversity.
    • Educational Resources – developed/distributed a range of educational resources on topics including: Bush Regeneration guidelines, weed identification, threatened species, nest boxes for wildlife, Indian mynas, frogs, shorebirds, koalas, feral animals, flying foxes.
    • Partnership with Landcare groups involves joint funding applications, Council providing office space for the Community Support Officer, providing training and resources for Landcare and Dunecare groups working on public land.
    • Development of a number of specific management plans eg  Roadside Vegetation Management Plan, Feral Animal Management Plan, draft Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management.
    • Bush Futures project – urban bushland management. Winner of 4 awards including nation Landcare Award and Local Government Shires Association Excellence in Environment Award
    • Koala Connection project – $2.1million grant funded project, in partnership with Tweed Shire Council, to revegetation and rehabilitate koala habitat, HCV land and wildlife corridor on private land. 


The Byron Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (BCS) is a long term, on-going project that is intended to provide a range of biodiversity conservation directions, on-ground actions and funding options that will work toward improving biodiversity management and practices across the Shire.  The Strategy seeks to provide a framework for the provision of educational materials, landuse planning tools and incentives to improve biodiversity conservation.  It seeks to deliver these outcomes through improving our understanding of the main biodiversity issues and recommending solutions that can be implemented by landholders, Council and other stakeholders.  (BSC 2004 p.iii).

The Byron Biodiversity Conservation Strategy aims to:

  • Identify, protect and enhance Byron Shire’s native biodiversity through accessing reliable funds to educate the community about biodiversity issues and values,
  • Protect, restore and maintain ecosystems and ecological processes through the delivery of on-ground works and planning controls.   (BSC 2004, p. 6)

Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: A report prepared by Byron Shire Council September 2004.