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Approvals for filming

If you are considering the Byron Shire as a site for film production, the following information will help you to understand Byron Shire Council’s requirements and will show you how to obtain an approval for filming.

Byron Shire Council supports the film industry by welcoming filmmakers to film in the area and this is reflected in a key partnership developed with Northern Rivers Screenworks. Northern Rivers Screenworks is an important resource for film-makers in the Northern Rivers, including the Byron Shire. Byron Shire Council has established a strong relationship with Northern Rivers Screenworks which is available to assist with a range of services and enquiries. 

Contact the General Manager on 02 6687 1599 or email

The Council also values the contribution made by the local industry professionals to the fabric of the community and wishes to encourage the employment and economic opportunities that arise from locally-based film production.

Some examples of previous filming in the Byron Shire include:

TV Commercials – Austar, Weiss Bars, Omo Washing Powder, RTA Truck Safety.

Mini-series – East of Everything Series 1 & 2, H2O Just Add Water

Movies – Morning of the Earth (1971), “Lou” (2009)

Reality TV – I’m a Celebrity - Just Get Me Out of Here, Wanted Down Under (UK), Australia’s Perfect Couple, Network 9 (2008)

The relevant policy pertaining to filming in the Byron Shire is Policy No. 3.41 “Filming on Council Owned and Controlled Land” which was revised during 2009 and adopted by Council in December 2009. Local Government Authority’s must comply with both the Local Government Filming Protocol developed by the Department of Local Government NSW and the Local Government Act 1993.